Knife Block Plus

TYROLIT is one of the leading manufacturers of bonded grinding tools. As a founding member of SWAROVSKI Group TYROLIT initially invented the means to artfully cut and grind glass-stones. TYROLIT life is entirely dedicated to bring the benefits of grinding perfection to the professional and to the ambitious domestic kitchen by products for daily use. Therefore TYROLIT offers besides cooking knives and cutting boards now for the first time the ‘Knife Block Plus’ - designed by GP, featuring the unique innovation of a perfectly, integrated grinding system. 


Core of the ‘Knife Block Plus’ is the worldwide, industrially proven TYROLIT-Grinding-System. The Z-shaped grinding-system-holder was especially designed for the knife-block and is suggesting the right knife-orientation in a self-explainatory way. Due to easy flipping of the Z-holder the device can be used by right- and lefthanded users equally. The intuitive Tilted-Block-Design of the product as such guides the user by its dominant 15°- parallel inclination automatically to the right orientation of the knife.

Unique Selling Proposition by Brand Essence and Design Differentiation

The "TYROLIT Knife Block Plus’ makes use of the industrial grinding claim of the TYROLIT Group and tranfers it as an integrated added value to an intuitive consumer product.​


Not only the correct inclination towards the handcrafted, ceramic precision segments is crucial for best results. Also the 2-step-grinding-feature which is part of the Z-holder delivers the ultimate, final polish - from factory to professional and domestic kitchen.

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