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what does this have to do with product design?




Preparing formula can be stressful. Practical help from well thought-out products is very welcome, especially for keeping track of things at night or on the go. 

Our example of a successful lightening product: 

Our MAM box for formula milk powder



Powdered milk boxes are nondescript products, but well thought out can mean the difference between pleasant and stressful.

We simply analyzed the functional sloppiness of competitor products and cold-bloodedly used them to make it better. Above all, it was: the lack of clarity and the fact that it was not completely emptied in one go. Furthermore, we applied our design principles.

The box is concise and therefore easier to understand because the triangular shape emphasizes the accuracy of the spout corners. This also results in the unique shape. Also good for the uniqueness of the branded product. 

The box is intuitive and therefore easier to use because you can see at first glance how many powder portions are still inside. When the lid is removed, filling works faster because it can also be used for large spoons. Thanks to the individual flaps at the corners, pouring is always accurate and - above all - residue-free right away. And all this with one hand, if you hold the baby in your arms at the same time.

The box is universal and therefore easier to sell because all the advantages mentioned fit into the handy, flat shape and therefore into every pocket. 


Users say:

Really practical for on the go, fits in every diaper bag and has the ingredient for three meals ready.

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