Light, warmth, electricity, movement, technology… ENERGY!

What moves the world? Energy!

We work together with companies who want to improve the world with innovations in the energy industry. Whether solar electricity, solar lamps or E-mobility. In order to be accepted in the market, green, innovative technology especially needs attractive product design – which we definitely achieved with the street lamp Champ. The fact that environment, universality and unique design are a good match, can be read up in the jury statement of the Austrian state award: “On the one hand this solar lamp scores with its aesthetically successful formal solution and on the one hand with its… nomadic radicality.”

Product design with energy

Smartflower Eco Autarkes Solarkraftwerk

HEI Champ Solarleuchte

Stromtankstelle - EV Charger

Stromtankstelle - EV Charger

Wien Energie

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