Boundary Layer Microphone

The Boundary-Layer-Microphone is used for recordings of meetings or conferences. The slightly-sloped disc stand is the perfect surface for guiding the sonic waves from the tabletop to the microphone. The rubberised surface combats interfering reflections efficiently and allows the microphone to rest firmly on the table without any treble.


The discreetly integrated cord-winder underneath makes sure that the cable can be stored neatly on the go. Due to this special feature the cable sections of serial microphone settings can be tightened and straightened by appropriate windingfor a perfect appearance on the tabletop.


While the design of other components of the CRS had to be continuously adapted, the original design of the Boundary-Layer-Microphone has remained successful in the market for over a decade.

The most inpressive fact about the PHILIPS-Boundary-Layer-Microphone is that it has been in the market - for mor thean 15 years now - unchanged in initial design. All current dictation-products like the PHILIPS-tracers are continually empowered by it to perform perfect conference recordings. So this iconic design for perfect functionality has proven as a true longseller in an otherwise very fast moving market.

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