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Universal Mixer Family

The basin faucet is the vital hub in any bathroom and need to work in symbiosis with the wash basin. Experience proves that basin mixers are choosen right after decision for a wash basin was taken.  Obviously mixer and basin have to match. 


The design

To ensure applicability of the faucet to different styles of the environment, most manufacturers feel the urge to offer a wide choice of different designs. Nevertheless most variations of design languages follow basically just two major directions: either the architectural-cubical or the classical-organic style. The edgy, architectural trim is more related to rectangular space features whereas rounded shapes are providing a soft, warm feel towards the exposed human body. So – in search for an universally applicable design – users are spoiled for choice. 


"UNIVERSAL DESIGN is easier to sell"

GP designpartners, DESIGN PRINCIPLES

With Zen-series we went for a versatile approach. Zen brings the two directions together. Following also our client’s smart approach to serve most modern bathroomsettings  - in the private home as well as in hotels - with just one universal design. The body of the Zen-Faucet is built from angular yet inflated surfaces. The faucet-handle features a slightly tapered, rounded rectangle. So viewed from the distance the product goes well with the cubical style of modern bathrooms. When viewed and used up close the confident and soft feel of the more organic handle is inviting to the touch yet perfectly in tune with the overall straight, contemporary appearance. 

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