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Unique Product Design for People

Our Team



We are an experienced team of industrial designers, located in Vienna. For over 25 years, we have been concerned with product design and experiences concerning the product. 




We provide highly-differentiated product design, which sets itself apart from competitors, makes companies visible and fascinates consumers. Because we consequently focus our designs on human needs, we create the smooth transition from the originally fragile product vision to solid market success.


We believe in economic success on the basis of clear differentiation by design, we focus on people and make use of our industrial experience. We share our enthusiasm both with international customers, who are mostly amongst the big players in their segment, as well as ambitious newcomers.



Uniqueness and suitability for the mass are no contradiction – on the contrary. It is the right balance that is the condition for differentiation and lasting market success.





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Our style of working


We develop business focused on your customer. We put ourselves in your customers´ position. We put emphasis on psychological aspects, as well as on socio-cultural contexts. Thereby, we address as many people as possible. On the other hand, as industrial designers, we include demands and possibilities of industrial production, in order to be able to scale on large markets.


Our design principles are based on psychological insights and intuitive human perceptions. Thereby, we are able to create immediate identification with product and brand – even for completely new solutions on the market.

Iconic design – is easier to understand

Intuitive design – is easier to use

Universal design – is easier to sell

Know How

You can´t start a fire without a spark.¹

However, the spark can only be seen by those who look closely. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can make targeted decisions already at an early stage of the process. Thereby, we immediately recognise ideas that have potential. We promote these ideas and give them substance – so they keep their initial fascination even after maturing… from engineering to market entry.

1    "You can't start a fire without a spark."
      Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the dark.

Working speed​

It is our aim to bring about the results of our work as professionally and fast as possible.

We travel light and have the most important tool with us at all times: Passion. Together with you we always focus on the task – acting as an agile driving force in you company. This generates irreplaceable dynamics and makes every project unique. Ideation sessions and scribbles initiate the topics. First evaluations sort the wheat from the chaff. Early reality-checks make our ideas solid. Iterative fine-tuning enables us to achieve the result as efficiently as possible.

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