Luxury for all

A steam shower serves for relaxation. Relaxation is luxury. Not to lift this luxury onto a pedestal was the design goal of the wellness product 'Body&Soul'. In other words, not an elitist shower temple that sells in very small quantities, but a set of modular components in a reduced design language. Only steam generator, or with seats, light and audio. Self-determined to assemble. According to your needs and budget.

The design

Relaxation, calm - external and internal body-purification. Nothing distracts. That is the way it should be. Contemporary cosiness and clear, timeless shapes support peace and relaxation. Even the service is purified.

The concept of the reversible remote control stands for contrast in simplicity instead of celebrating superfluous digital functions that we constantly encounter in everyday life.

As the success shows, we were absolutely right. At the same time as the design awards, the new Body&Soul increased sales expectations five times in its first year and doubled again within another 5 years.

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