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Hearing aid packaging

The market situation


On average people affected by first signs of hearingloss wait 7 years before they take action. The stigmatizing image is still very strong. People tend to feel old and useless engaging with hearingaids the first time. This retention is caused by prosthetic, medical focus of hearingaid-marketing in earlier days and it is hard to get rid of. Therefore it is very crucial to design the first touchpoints of approaching hearingaids as friendly as possible. The audiologist advices people who are looking for the right hearingaid. Products selected can be tested by the user for a reasonable period. During this trial technical features are not as important as the getting used to and feeling comfortable with this new aid .

The starter-kit-design blends the impression of a daily aid with that of a desirable luxury product.


The Neuroth Starterkit is handed over with the product at the beginning of the testperiod. So it becomes companion from the first days of approach up to the routine of daily use. The outer package stages Neuroth’s bracing Corporate Design Style. The vivid Neuroth-Curry conveys a warm feeling, the dicreet Neuroth-Anthracit stands for the high performance of the product. The strong emotions of these two colors are exploited for a perfect impression. For a perfectly relaxed first approach to a device for better hearing on one hand and the experience of the high-quality standards equal to contemporary high-style consumer electronics on the other.


Service-card, cleaning kit, batteries and the productcase itself are modular components of the kit. The packaging is not to be disposed after purchase, but stays in use for keeping all parts together - for sustainable order and safety. The core of the starter-kit, the productcase, supports the safe storing during first testing days as well as and it serves as storage tray and mobile box during the products whole lifecycle.

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