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Market leadership through corporate product design

The clear recognizability makes the difference between products that stand out in the market and those that go under. This applies in particular to products that do not find their buyers through classic marketing. 

Production machines, foldable solar power plants and cable car stations are not exactly handy everyday objects. Nevertheless, design provides the decisive added value in brand perception.

The dimensions of machines or systems - such as a lift station - offer a lot of space for a recognizable design language and corporate design of a brand. Clear recognition through consistent corporate product design is a clear brand statement - whether at 3000 meters above sea level or in the industrial hall 4.0.

Auszug an Kunden, bei denen wir unseren Zugang zu Corporate Product Design erfolgreich angewendet haben:

Freundliches Verpackungsdesign für Hörgerät

Freundliches Verpackungsdesign für Hörgerät


„Das Design des Starter-Kits verschmilzt die Wirkung des Hörgeräts als alltägliches Hilfsmittel mit der eines begehrenswerten Luxusprodukts."
Kreation einer Dachmarke

Kreation einer Dachmarke

Rosehill, Eatery Group

„Die klassisch typografisch und zugleich spielerisch gestaltetete Wortbildmarke funktioniert als verbindende Klammer über den Einzelmarken und steht als Garant für anspruchsvolle Gastrostandards.“
Corporate für Berufsbekleidung

Corporate für Berufsbekleidung

CKV Gruppe

„Die neue Kleidung drückt gleichermaßen Serviceorientierung aus wie sie den BewacherInnen optische Autorität verleiht.“

Director Global Product Management, D.
Customer-oriented innovation through product design!

"The Twinline is the best-selling shower tub in Europe."
Customer-oriented innovation through product design!

Our principles for your perfect corporate product design:

1.Ordercreates clarity 
2.unique positionis the ultimate goal
3.logo and colorare not enough
4.consistent  in function and form
5.Design Manual LIGHT- a simple and robust set of rules

We start with existing and functionally necessary components. Only in the second step - if necessary - further design elements are introduced.


existing product line

New Products

Example of Corporate Product Design Application 
Addition to an existing product line

Do the fact check!

Does the design of your products match your brand?


To check this, we offer you our fact check at a fixed price.
The fact check includes:

  1.    30 min voting interview

  2.     2 days of in-depth analysis of the design of your products and your brand

  3.    Recommendations for step-by-step optimization of your product and  brand consistency

Your investment:      900,- EUR
Your profit:    You will learn what to do to ensure your brand-typical design.


Gethere our brief info onCorporate product design

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